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Residential New Construction: Building Your Dream Home From the Ground Up

Building a new home should be an exciting and rewarding experience. With our comprehensive process, skilled professionals, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we guide you through the journey of constructing your dream home in Upland, CA. Let Alliance General Contracting be your trusted new construction partner in realizing your vision.

Initial Consultation and Design

Our residential property construction process begins with an initial consultation to understand your vision, lifestyle needs, and budget. We listen attentively to your ideas and collaborate closely to develop a custom home design that reflects your unique style and meets your specific requirements.

Permits and Approval

We handle all necessary permits and approvals to ensure your newly constructed home adheres to local building codes and regulations. Our team navigates the complex process of securing permits and coordinates with the relevant authorities, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free construction journey for you.

Site Preparation and Foundation

We meticulously prepare the site to ensure a solid foundation for your new home. This includes clearing the land, grading the site, and testing soil to determine the appropriate foundation requirements. Our experienced team works precisely to lay a solid and stable foundation that forms the base for the rest of the construction process.

Construction and Project Management

We employ experienced professionals who prioritize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to oversee every aspect of the construction process. We maintain open communication with you throughout the construction journey, providing regular updates and addressing any concerns promptly.

Material Selection and Quality Control

We believe in using the highest quality materials for your new home. Our team collaborates with trusted suppliers and craftsmen to source premium materials, fixtures, and finishes. We conduct rigorous quality control checks at every stage of the construction process, ensuring that the work meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Final Inspection and Handover

Before handing over the keys to your new home, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that every aspect of the construction meets your expectations. We address any final details or adjustments, ensuring your new home is ready for moving in. We take pride in delivering a finished product that meets and exceeds your vision and expectations.

At Alliance General Contracting, we understand that building a new home is a significant financial and emotional investment. We want to ensure your new construction project in Upland, CA is successful! Call us today at (909) 578-1698 to get started with your dream home!